Monica Namwinga

She was born on the 2nd of April 1993. She is the first born child of Anna Chongo and 5th born child of Edward Simwinga. At the age of one year six months, Monica had severe malaria which led to the paralysis of her left part of her body. When she was eight years old, her mother died and the father left Monica with her grandmother who was already advanced in years. When Monica completed 12years, her grandmother went back to her creator. The Association of Pope John XXIII welcomed Monica at Fatima Home for Children where she stays until now, trying to offer some life surviving skills. She is been to three different Special Schools and the goal has not been achieved in terms of education. Monica is such a social young lady, sings in the church choir and at home she is able to do some house chores.

Kashweka Mumba Osward

He was born on 2nd June, 2000. He is the first born in the family of five, three sisters and one brother. His father, Osward Mumba deserted the family and is nowhere to be seen. Osward and the family are in Chitamba village in Mansa District.  His mother Josephine Chama takes care of the family and tries to provide the basic needs. Her only source of income is from selling vegetables and charcoal by the road side. Osward stopped school at a tender age and started selling water in the streets of Mansa because he wanted to help the mother provide for the family. His future plan is to study entrepreneurship in order to start his own business and uplift the standards of his life as well as his family.

Doris Chunda

Born on 27 December 2000. Both parents Mr. Modesta Chunda and Gladys are based in, Sumbu village of Mansa District, where they earn a living through peasant farming. Doris is the 6th born in the family of 7. She completed school in 2020 at Kombaniya Day Secondary School. She’s the only child in the family who has managed to attain a secondary school education. In 2020 Doris became a young mother but still went ahead to complete her Secondary education. Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to obtain a grade 12 certificate as required by the Zambian government. Her wish is to continue studying rewrite some subjects like Science, Mathematics, Geography and become a nurse in future.

Elvis Kaluba Mashilipa

He was born on 4th January, 1995 in Mansa district. He is the fifth born child of Mr. Mashilipa Luke and Mrs Violate Bwalya. Elvis is from a family of eight, six females and two males. Elvis, completed his secondary education at Mansa Skills school. His father had a stroke three years ago which led him to stop working and the mother earns a living through selling munkoyo drink (a local brewed soft drink). Elvis’ future plan is to be trained in Power electronical engineering but due to the financial challenges his dream has never been realised.